About Resurgence Small Engine Inc.

Jonathan Witherell riding his Honda Rebel motorcycle.

What is Resurgence Small Engine Inc. ?

Resurgence Small Engine Inc. is a small business that specializes in ATV, Snowmachine, and Motorcycle servicing.

Resurgence Small Engine Inc. also provides recycling of small engines, online sale of used parts, and periodically sells complete machines.

Resurgence Small Engine Inc. is dedicated to excellent client experience, maintenance and repairs that meet and exceed industry standards, and waste disposal in an environmentally conscious way.

Mission Statement:

To do a job well, and be proud of it.

Client Experience:

At Resurgence Small Engine Inc., it is our goal to maintain an excellent client experience. We hope our friendly and knowledgeable staff will leave a positive impression on you. We aim to build a company that represents these exceptional interactions and prides itself on client satisfaction.

Environmental Impact:

At Resurgence Small Engine Inc., we like finding ways to reduce waste heading to the landfill. We are able to work towards this goal through planning and organization.

At Resurgence Small Engine Inc., we accept machines for recycling. These are processed in the shop for dismantling, recycling, and disposal. Salvageable parts are removed to be reused and junk metal parts are recycled. We find the ethical satisfaction worthwhile when disposing of materials in a more sustainable way.