Dismantling a Yamaha Warrior to scrap the bent frame.

Resurgence Small Engine Inc. accepts small engines in any condition for recycling.

Have a broken machine you don’t know what to do with? Something you don’t need anymore that’s been taking up space? Maybe one day you thought you would fix it, but that was years ago?

Before you throw it away, consider bringing it here. We even pay for some units!

Drop-Off Recycling:

We will pay you $50 - $100, depending on condition, for ATVs, snow-machines, or motorcycles
We accept for FREE other small engines such as lawnmowers, weed-whackers, & rototillers

Small Engine Recycling

The vast majority of each machine will be reused or recycled. Once at the shop, the machines will be processed for dismantling, recycling, and disposal. Units with parts that are salvageable will be dissembled. Parts will be labeled, racked, and sold. Junk metal parts will be recycled at a local scrap yard.

Unfortunately, pick-ups are not currently available.

We do not have the capacity for larger machines such as cars, trucks, forklifts, heavy equipment, or space shuttles.

If you have questions, please contact us .

Other Recyclables

Visit Valley Community for Recycling Centers to learn more about recycling options in the Mat-Su Valley.